Slot Multipliers Explained

Many contemporary slot games make use of multipliers and if you've come across the term you may be wondering what exactly a multiplier is.

What Are Multipliers?

Well, the good news is that players always benefit from multipliers. Put simply, a multiplier can multiply your payout by a set amount. So if you win £10 with a 3x multiplier applied you'll come away with £30. In some games you'll even find multipliers of up to 1,000x, which can obviously have a massive impact on your payout.

How To Use Multipliers

Multipliers can be used in a variety of ways. You may sometimes come across them in a base game but more often than not they are reserved for the bonus features.

For example, at the beginning of a bonus round you may be asked to take part in a picking game where you can uncover differently valued multipliers to be applied during the feature. Alternatively, you may find new symbols displaying multipliers or wilds with added multipliers. Some slots even apply a multiplier to all wins made during a free spins round. However multipliers are applied during a bonus round, they add to the excitement of the game and set the bonus feature apart from the base game.

Developers know that players enjoy having multipliers added and so it's always pretty obvious when they appear. You won't be left in any doubt as to whether your payout will be doubled, tripled or even more as it will be displayed clearly on the screen.

One thing to keep an eye out for is the way in which a game rewards a multiplier. Some will apply the multiplier to your winnings while others will apply it to the amount you staked on the spin. Either way has the potential to be lucrative but it's worth checking so you know what to expect.