Anyone new to online bingo could be forgiven for thinking that there are thousands of unique bingo sites on the web, but if you try out more than half a dozen of them you’ll soon see that many of them are very similar.

This is because online bingo sites are built are bit like a car: The outer shell is designed by someone with an artistic eye and each is unique each company, but the engine under the bonnet is usually bought in from a large manufacturer that supplies the same engine to other carmakers. Just as the Citroen and Peugeot city cars both sport a Toyota engine, many bingo sites use the same bingo software, but have a different external appearance – known in the business as a skin.

Below you will find a list of all bingo software providers, if you click on the provider of your choice you will be take to a list of bingo sites that use that software company for their bingo or slot games.

Bingo software providers aren’t too worried about what the skin looks like – that’s up to the operator, or owner of the bingo site. But they will provide the behind-the-scenes programming that ensures the numbers called out are genuinely random; they’ll schedule the timing of the games, add the voice of the caller and provide all the visual gadgets in the rooms along with any side games.

Most bingo sites belong to bingo networks provided by the major software companies: These networks bring together players from lots of different sites to play in the same room, which means bingo operators can offer bigger prizes and more exciting games, and also means that you can play in the same rooms via lots of different operators.

Some bingo sites choose to have software under their particular skin that’s completely unique to them: And just as though custom-built sports cars often have specially-tuned engines from Ford, Renault or Honda inside them, stand-alone bingo sites often use specially-modified versions of the same software used for networked sites, although one or two of them have their software designed in-house instead.

It’s not as complex as it sounds, and once you’ve tried out a few different sites you’ll quickly start to understand how it all works.