What Is RTP?

It's always recommended that players read the small print before spending cash at an online casino but sometimes that can leave more questions than answers. Some casinos presume a certain amount of knowledge and assume that players know what the acronyms and jargon all mean.


One of the terms you may have come across but don't fully understand is RTP. This is an acronym for Return To Player and shows how much of the casino's takings are paid back out in winnings.

The RTP figure is generally shown as a percentage and in online casinos this is usually at least 90%. Land based casinos are often lower. High RTPs are good news for players as they mean there's a bigger chance that you'll land a win. For example, if an online slot has an RTP of 95% then the casino keeps 5% of all stakes made on that game and pays out the remaining amount in winnings.

Chances Of Winning Vary

However, it's important to note that RTP figures are calculated over long periods of time. If a player spends an hour spinning the reels, they won't necessarily win 90% (or whatever the RTP is) during that time. In the long term when stakes by all players are taken into account the casino will pay out its RTP but in the short term the chances of you winning can vary widely.

That's not necessarily bad news though - yes, you may win little to nothing but you could also land a huge jackpot amount. The trick to making RTPs work for you is to keep an eye out for the high ones but don't wager any cash that you wouldn't be comfortable losing. Don't presume you're always going to get 90% or more of your money back every time you play.