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the most annoying bingo site ever

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what a time waste..i dont no what its like to play as i couldnt even get past the card details. not good considering as it lets you put your details in but doesnt get any further. i think its a scam to get your bank details. and if it aint then why doesnt it work. i ended up puting both of my visa electron cards in for regesting. and now nothing. cant believe it.pants.poo.pants.poo.pants.poo.pants.poo.pants.poo.pants.poo.wrong.poo.poo.poo.poo.oo.pooo.poo.poo.poo.poo.poo.poo.poo.poo.poo.poo.poo.poo.poo.poo.poo.poo.poo.poo.poo.poo.opp.poopoo.poo.poo.poo.poo.poo.poo.poo.poo.poo.poo.poo.poo.poo.poo.poo.poo.poo.poo.poo.poo.opp.poo.poo.poo.poo.poo.poo.poo.poo.poo.poo.poo.poo.poo.poo. dont go on this if i was you x


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-4/25 Rating
  • Quality of side-games
  • Quality of chat rooms
  • Quality of games
  • Quality of CM's (Chat Moderators)
  • Value for money
  • I would recommend Game Village Bingo !    NO

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