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I thought I'd share my terrible experience with I have been using this site and thought it was a great site up till now. I tried to log in to be play online bingo a couple of weeks ago and it said unknown user name!. The site had changed to a new platform and looked slightly different! I clicked the forgot password link and entered my email address and it didnt recognise that either. So I checked back through my emails and made sure I was entering the right info before contacting them. Everything seemed correct. I sent them an email explaining and they sent me one back saying they have reset my pass word. To cut a long story short several emails have been sent and they were very bad mannered, telling me that they had told me over and over and over again that my username should work. I kept telling them over and over again that i couldn't get my password to work, adn they just kept telling me to come back and try another day! I don't recommend this site as they arent helpful at all. Why don't they erase your account and just let you set another one up. Surely they want your money... Guess Not!


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