2010 New Year’s Eve Party At Wink Bingo!

By Becky Mosley - December 31 2009

Wink Bingo are hosting a huge online ‘Naughty PJ’s’ new year’s eve party. There are 9 different promotions being run during the party where you can win: Bonus Points, free cards for the Wink Pays You 12k game, pink champagne and many more prizes.

The games begin on Thursday 31st December at 8pm and take place in all open and hosted chat rooms.

Games include:
The Great Duck V Rabbit Bingo Off – E-mail: [email protected] with your alias to choose which team you would like to be in (Duck or Rabbit). Between the 31st December and 3rd January you will earn points for your team by playing bingo, the team with the highest points gets one free card in the the Wink Pays You 12k game.

Double Trouble – Chat games will be running on New Year’s Eve between 8pm and 12pm where double BPS can be won.

Blow Baby Blow – Send a pic of yourself blowing a New Years Eve horn to [email protected] by Monday 4th January and you can win pink bubble bath, a fluffy pink bathrobe and a rubber duck.

Multiple O’s – The player who calls bingo on the letter O pattern the most between 31st December and 3rd of January will win some pink champagne and chocolates.

CM Sassy – Between 8pm and 12pm CMSASSY will be handing out free cards to the Wink Pays You 12k game. 10 players will be chosen at random to receive 5 cards each.

TOAST! TOAST! TOAST! TOAST! – On the 31st December between 8pm and 12pm you may be asked by the chat host to pick a number between 1-75 or 1-90. The number chosen will represent A,B,C or D determining whether you get toasted or a fellow roomie does. A = Upper buddy will get toasted with 1000bps, B = Lower buddy will get toasted with 1000bps, C = You get toasted with 1000bps, D = You win 1 FREE card in to the Wink Pays You 12K game.

Happy Moo Year – The first roomie to say “HAPPY MOO YEAR EVERYONE” when they see the Lucky Cow parachute down will win 1000bps.

Pass The Top Hat – Every game won between 8pm and 12pm on New Year’s Eve will pass a top hat and get 1000bps, the winner with the hat at the top of the hour wins 5000bps plus 1 free card in the 12k game.

Under The Mistletoe – The roomie 3 down from you will get 1000bps when you win a bingo game on new year’s eve between 8pm and 12pm.

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