25P Trick or Treat Game at Posh Bingo

By Vicky Duncalf - October 7 2012

I love Halloween – it gives me a chance to dress up like a sexy witch scoop – what fun! And, you can always rely on Posh Bingo to provide glamorous Halloween shenanigans, and this year it’s the £1000 Trick or Treat game. This plays on Wednesday, October 31 with a £1000 jackpot. And better still, tickets only cost 25p.

However, there is a devilish twist – the one line winner will win the most cash. If you cover the LEAST numbers, you will fly away on your broomstick with £350. The two line winner will win £250, and the full house winner will win £200. Also, Posh have thrown £200 in the 1 TG and 2 TG cauldron – cue evil cackle. Remember, if you can’t be around to join in the fun, you can prepurchase your 25P tickets right now.

Posh is also the place to play speed games every day between 7: 30 and 11:30 AM. These really do move quickly – you only need to cover four numbers to win, and ticket prices start at 5p.

Get glitzy at Posh today with a £25 free bingo bonus plus a 50% reload. Also look out for the 10% Flash Cashback, where you can earn yourself up to £200 cashback every week.

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