2K Easter Tea Party at Tasty Bingo

By Vicky Duncalf - March 26 2013

Going to into shock at the supermarket checkout is not cool, but I couldn't help it last week. I'd only bought a few items, and the price was absolutely insane.

And that's why I'm a huge fan of the Tasty £25 Trolley dash at Tasty Bingo. For one hour each Tuesday and Thursday, you've got the opportunity to win £25 cash, and there is also a special shopping chat game called Grocery List where you can win loads of lovely loyalty points.

Weekends are crazy at Tasty – there are six little challenges to participate in – collect points here, collect points there, and if you climb to the leaderboard in certain categories, lots of goodies could be yours.

But the biggest dish on the Tasty menu right now is the £2000 Easter Tea Party. This ends on April 4 – play your favourite games to win a share of £2000.

And for something seriously spicy, don't forget to prebuy a few tickets for the £2 Million Thrill – this is a red hot game every Saturday night at 9 PM. If you are able to call a full house in under 40 calls, you'll win the top prize, an amazing £2 million.

There's a £10 free bonus waiting for you at Tasty, just mae a deposit and you'll get 200% bonus plus the £10, and all of the scrumptious delights you can stomach.

Tasty Bingo
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Tasty Bingo

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