5p Hot Tub Fun at Big Brother Bingo

By Becky Mosley - July 8 2013


Bikinis at the ready

The action is hotting up in the Big Brother Bingo house, and if you want to be part of the action, you need to pay attention to this exclusive bingo offer: yes roomies, it's time to strip off and run into the Garden – it's open between 8 AM and 2 AM, and the hot tub is bubbling away, ready for your arrival. In this bingo game, tickets cost 5p, and jackpots are variable – there's a sliding jackpot every Tuesday, and you can win up to £500.


24/7 Surveillance

Big Brother is watching you, especially any time you're in the garden. However, this time Big Brother is in a good mood, and he is dishing out 5p cards for his variable jackpots games. This game is open around the clock, so whether you're a night owl or a day lark, there's something exciting going on.


Big Brother's secret stash

Ever wanted to get your hands on a Secret Stash? Make sure you hide your money away well from the other roomies, because you can nip in and steal £500 in cash. Call house in 56 calls or less, and you'll win a minimum of £30 during these thrilling Tuesday games.


Win up to £10,000 every seven minutes

One of my favourite features of Big Brother Bingo is the Aztec Rising Community Challenge. This is an instant game challenge, and players battle it out on this multiplayer slot. You play in real time against other players across the Joy of Bingo network, and you can win two community jackpots which can potentially pay up to £10,000.


In it to win it

Let's face it, roomies, the chances of winning the Big Brother TV show are fairly slim. But the chance of hitting the 90 ball progressive jackpot is looking good – in the Money Box 90, you'll trigger that huge cash amount if you cover your card in 37 calls or less. On top of that, you will also win the game's own jackpot. Want to be famous? It's just a couple of keystrokes away. Join Big Brother Bingo now – your housemates are waiting.


Big Brother Bingo
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