888 Ladies come down with Jackpot Fever!

By Becky Mosley - March 31 2010

888 Ladies have come down with a fever but don’t worry it’s Jackpot Fever and you will definitely want to catch it! Between now and 9th May players are invited to play for some superb daily jackpots.

Are you a Saturday Night Diva? If you think you are head to 888 Ladies every Saturday night and you could win £25,000 with £888 guaranteed. If you’re normally painting the town red on a Saturday night you don’t need to miss out as 888 Ladies allow you to pre-buy your cards.

Bingo Inferno is where things hot up at 888 Ladies with £888 coverall jackpots with £88 guaranteed prizes 8 days every day! There are now 8 ways you can nab an £888 jackpot and each has it’s own designated room to avoid confusion. Pre-buy your cards now for any of these fun and funky games!

Free and Funky – There’s free love every day at 3.30pm play for £888 completely free with a maximum of 6 free bingo cards.

Fair Dinkums – Everything is fair and square in this game where every player has 10 cards and an equal chance of winning. Games commence at 4.30pm daily and cards cost 25p.

Groovy Gold – Sees the 888 Ladies getting down every day at 5.30pm with cards costing just 25p.

Disco Coverall – Bingo boogie every night at 6.30pm for the chance to win the £888 sliding jackpot. Cards are a very reasonable 10p and you can buy up to 48.

Max Out – Bargain bingo with cards just 1p each and you’re allowed 96! Join the party every night at 7.30pm.

Raffle Razzle – Each night at 8.30pm there’s £888 jackpot up for grabs with cards costing 50p. Players who bingo on this game will be entered into the raffle to win £200 of vouchers at the end of April.

1TG Wango – Players can now win with 1TG in the nightly 9.30pm game. Cards cost just 10p and you can buy up to 48!

Wild Things – This one’s the wild card where one of seven random games will pop up ready for you to play at 10.30pm each night. If you like surprises this is the one for you!

There’s up to £25,000 to be won in these exciting daily games so join the 888 Ladies in their state of Jackpot Fever and see if you’ll be one of their lucky winners!

Get £5 free bingo no deposit required at 888 Ladies now and £20 free play when you deposit just £10.

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