Bingo News: 888 Ladies see profits rise and big wins for players

By Becky Mosley - August 5 2008

888 Holdings, the online gaming group is well known for its poker and casino sites, the company needed to restore revenue after a clampdown in the US on online gambling two years ago. They started a bingo site called 888 ladies and as a result have seen a profit rise of 36 per cent in the second quarter. They are also looking to aquire other sites in the same field to take more of a share of the market, this could mean a very big bingo site coming your way with great jackpots!

Not long ago 888 Ladies players will44and ethansmummy saw a huge jackpot of £8,888. will44 a male player saw the site on on the roulette tables and decided to give the site a try. “These days, I play on 888ladies every few days – normally every two days or so,” he said. When asked what he liked about online bingo he said “I love playing on 888ladies because once you get extra money, you can play other games straight away with your winnings”. He also likes the relaxed atmosphere of online bingo – “You can just sit back and wait for the winnings to roll in!”. So it’s not only the girls playing, it’s the guys too, which is obviously great news for 888 Ladies.

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