888Ladies update bingo lingo!

By Becky Mosley - October 10 2008

888Ladies bingo have updated and modernised the ball calling on their online bingo site. They have said Goodbye to some of the older style, more traditional lingo and replaced it with some humerous and more up to date terms.

Bingo ball calling, otherwise known as bingo lingo, is the pairing of each number with a usually rhyming phrase, or a visualisation for a number. For example a rhyming lingo phrase would be ‘Dirty Gertie’ number 30, or a cheeky visualisation would be ‘two fat ladies’ number 88.

888Ladies bingo have introduced their new bingo lingo in order to entice new, younger and trendier players to their online bingo site. They have used celebrities and modern references for the new bingo calls which are really funny!

The new changes include Jimmy Choo (number 2), Menage a Trois (number 3), Christian Dior (number 4), Chanel number 5 (number 5), Catherine Tate (number 8), Bring out the Botox (number 30), Amy’s Beehive (number 85), Exercise my bum (number 71) and Fake bake (number 48).

888Ladies online bingo have given me a giggle today and no doubt changes like these will help them appeal to the younger online bingo generation!

888 Ladies

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