Amazing Amazon Kindle Giveaway at Simply Bingo

By Becky Mosley - June 18 2013


June VIP promotions

If you're not a member of Simply Bingo yet, you need to be, especially because the red carpet is rolled out in your honour. But let's get things off to a good start – register now, and you'll get a £1 first deposit bonus – with cards from just a couple of pennies each, that's going to buy you plenty of tickets. And then it's on to the VIP Room where you could be winning the world's hottest reading gadget.


Win an Amazon Kindle

For the rest of June, you have several more chances to win an Amazon Kindle, and to qualify, you need to stake £50. To be fair, this is a high wagering requirement, but if you do get lucky, the Amazon Kindle could be yours, or alternatively you can choose a £75 bonus.


A new interactive game

Simply Bingo is one of the few bingo sites with live presenters – tune in every evening between 8 PM and 9 PM to play fab new game Top Offer. This is a chance to mingle with the presenters, chat with other roomies, and to win an extra £50 in bonuses. It works like this – score a full house between 8 PM and 9 PM, and you'll get to Spin the Arrow. This will land on either £1, £5, Spin Again, Game Over, or Top Offer. If the wheel lands on Top Offer, you'll be given four different choices. It's up to you whether you stick or gamble – either way, big winnings could be yours.


Superbooks time

Are familiar with Superbooks ? These are a great way to boost your winnings – you can either play Superbooks game with free tickets, or upgrade your free cards to Superbooks. If you upgrade, you can play for even bigger prizes. If you fancy checking it out, head to the Freebie Lounge every evening between 9 PM and 10 PM.


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