Are the days of free bingo over?

By Becky Mosley - November 24 2008

Recently when going through some of the bingo sites we have discovered some major changes. Sites are starting to withdraw their initial free money bonuses and first time deposit bonuses. We took a look at Cyber Bingo, Bingo Zest, Daily Express Bingo and Bingo Sky which all use the same proprietary software.

Bingo Sky were offering a massive 500% bonus and £20 free to play. This has whittled right down to your typical 100% bonus, no bingo bonus money is offered for free, instead they allow you to enter only one of the rooms and to play-for-fun. Daily Express Bingo used to offer £25 free this has now gone and they no longer have their 300% bonus.

I remember talking to someone who runs their own bingo site before and they were saying I don’t know how long these sites were going to keep these huge bonuses as they are so competitive, it just shows you how insightful they were.

The truth is as I’ve mentioned before a lot of these free bingo sites won’t let you withdraw your winnings unless you’ve made a deposit or wagered x amount of times the amount offered for free. So say the bonus is £15 you might have to wager £90 before you’re allowed to withdraw or they won’t let you win the jackpot or withdraw anything you win at all! The idea of the free bingo bonus is to let you try the site out so offering one room as a play-for-fun room isn’t really any different from giving you a free bingo bonus (depending on the sites rules). It’s definitely worth remembering to look at the sites terms before you play, although sometimes these are so complicated you need an accountant to work out exactly when you can withdraw any money!

So what do I think is the way forward with online bingo? A low minimum deposit of £5 and a high first deposit bonus and cheap 1p bingo tickets. If you think about it you get all the benefits of a depositing player and not only that you get some free money on top and your money lasts longer. Just check our low minimum deposit section for a list of sites.

Bingo Spirit (Formerly Bingo Sky)

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    li class="comment even thread-even depth-1" id="comment-55"> Matt

    But on the site it says:

    Are FB£s real money?

    No, Free Bingo Pounds (FB£) have no monetary value. You can only use FB£s to buy our bingo cards and to enter our competitions and sweepstakes. All our Bingo jackpots and bonuses are paid in FB£s.

    November 24, 2008


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