Are These The Worst Bingo and Online Gaming Ads?

By Ben Barker - May 20 2015

There’s no shortage of terrible ads but the bingo and gaming world seem to transgress the boundaries of bad taste more often than others. The people who signed off on these need to take a long hard look at themselves.

Costa Bingo – Mel B

Costa Bingo brought Mel B on board because having a former Spice Girl associated with your brand is presumably a good thing. This ad turns Scary Spice into a bingo-playing human Godzilla, stomping menacingly around East London. It’s just all a bit odd, as is the poorly delivered “if you think I’m massive, check out this jackpot line”.

Ladbrokes – Lemur Hide & Seek

The obsession with using cute or odd animals in advertising has meant that they find themselves in the most incongruous scenarios. Why on earth are a random group of men playing hide and seek with a lemur in this Ladbrokes advert? And what exactly does a lemur have to do with Ladbrokes anyway?

Ladbrokes – When You Win It’s Skill

When You Win It's Skill - Ladbrokes Life Poster


This advert was criticised for encouraging irresponsible gambling. Though the message is associated with the character of Mr Brightside, it’s implying that the more you learn about the game, the more skills you develop, the easier it will be to win; and any loss is down to bad luck. Whereas we all know that gambling relies on luck and a winning streak can quickly become a losing one.

Paddy Power- Chavs

You probably don’t need us to tell you what’s wrong with this. Demonising a small section of society for the way they behave or dress and having a fictional hitman who goes around shooting them with tranquiliser darts to save us normal, well-behaved people from having to suffer them, is deeply patronising and offensive.

Paddy Power – Grannies

Grannies Crossing Road - Paddy Power


Paddy Power claimed this one was an innocent mistake. Some people thought the odds bubbles related to the grannies’ chances of being run over by the car in the background. The gambling giants said it was obviously about which one was going to make it across the road first. We’ll never know.

Foxy Bingo – What Foxy Did Next

Jim Bowen on a toilet. Need me say more.

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