Astro Bingo – Let the Love Meter reveal the truth

By Asin Agrawal - February 9 2011

Are you too hot to handle, a hopelessly silly romantic or very naughty but nice? Astro Bingo plans to raise your temperature by revealing the truth. They have a new promotion running till the 13th February and as you play bingo it will increase the temperature of your Love Meter! The hotter it gets, the hotter your chances of winning in the £1414 Valentine's Day bingo game also gets! Each day you play between now and the 13th February earns you three free bingo tickets into this special game. Even better, when you win any part of a Challenge game this earns you an additional three bingo tickets. The "Love Meter" page is what measures your free bingo tickets earnings and the challenge games play twice an hour.

Then, when the 14th February comes around, all you have to do is enter your tickets into the BIG game and if you manage to claim the maximum amount of 60 tickets, you receive a £25 bonus to boot! Get your claim in at Astro Bingo 30 minutes before the big game plays, because if you don't, any unclaimed tickets won't be entered! Challenge game winners also get to take part in the Bingo Cupid's Daily £50 Bonus when the 9pm Linked game plays, so makes sure you are there to take part.

The Heart-to-Heart £5000 Challenge will have you crossing your heart and hoping to win! Play this at this bingo site up until the 13th February. The two challenges are the "Have a Heart" and the "Heart Throb", and both are specifically designed to fill your heart with bingo! Complete the challenges when you capture both hearts and win your Heart-to-Heart badges plus £5, and like we said previously, winning these games will win you more free bingo tickets into the Love Meter game, plus give you admission to the weekly Challenge Tournament for a share of £750 in cash prizes!

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