Banjo Bingo offers a Mystic £555 promotional this October

By Scarlett - October 23 2014

Banjo Bingo might not be the most commonplace name for an online bingo site, but it certainly did catch your attention, didn’t it? That is just as well, because if you thought the name of this online bingo site was intriguing, then you should really check out their Mystic £555 offer, because it is simply winning!

Jackpot when?

Banjo Bingo is allowing all players the chance to play in a Mystic £555 Jackpot game. This isn’t a onetime occurrence. Actually, it is offered one every 11 days. Played at 20.00 GMT on October 23 (and then again, 11 days after that), players need to head to Mystic £555 room to enjoy the game. The game itself is a typical 90-ball bingo game, where players can win a massive £300 if they call bingo on a full house. Players who end up with 2 lines can still pocket £200 for their efforts. There is even a prize for those players with just a single line, as they can still win £55. Tickets for the next Mystic £555 jackpot game can be bought right now at Banjo Bingo.

As well as the Mystic £555 promotion, Banjo Bingo also has other offers, not least their welcome bonus which is offered to new players. Banjo Bingo will offer players a £30 welcome bonus when they join the online bingo site right now. There is also a 10% bonus on all future deposits at Banjo Bingo.

Sure win?

Banjo Bingo is equipped with plenty of other great deals for players, too. Aside from welcome bonuses and future match deposit bonuses, you can also join their Sure Win, Treasure Quest and Sweetie Land tournament offers. Banjo Bingo is also already decking their halls with Christmas themed promotions. What better way to get into the spirit of the season (even if it two months early), than by checking out those great offers?
Join Banjo Bingo today, to play the Mystic £555 Jackpot game, to start your Christmas early, and to bag bonuses from the moment you step foot as a new player there.

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