Bingo News: Bet365 Bingo Joker Jackpot game

By Becky Mosley - November 20 2009

Bet365 Bingohave a new addition to their ever expanding games collection with Joker Jackpot. This new game is a multiplayer card game with games starting at 25p per hand is sure to be a hit and is easy to pick up even if you’re not a great cards player.

Every time a new card is drawn, the players cards are marked from their hands when a matching card is drawn from the deck. The object of the game is to be the first player to get the J pattern and the winning hand will win the prize. There are also 2 jackpots to win so it’s quite appealing!

When you join the game you can choose your hands and when the copuntdown clock reaches zero the game will start and cards will be drawn from the 54 card pack that’s 2 Jokers and 52 standard cards. You’ll always know what the prize is at it is clearly displayed on screen and your first aim is to get that J pattern. Match the card drawn to the cards in your hand to win the J Pattern prize. The game runs on for the winning hand where you have to match 9 cards for the stated prize. As mentioned there are another 2 jackpots to be won, the Joker Jackpot is awarded when the player gets a winning hand in less than 16 cards called, the prize is an impressive £1000. The super jackpot is the last jackpot up for grabs and is won when the player gets a winning hand in 16 cards or less and the last card called is a Joker. This is a progressive jackpot starting at £10,000!

If you like the sound of the Joker Jackpot game and fancy your chances of winning big then why not give it a go at Bet365 Bingo. New members will be given £25 freebingo when they play through £5 of their own and Bet365 offer 50% bonus on all other deposits made which is another good reason to visit the Bet365 site.

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