Bingo on the Box Dashing Dinosaur Giveaway

By Becky Mosley - January 25 2010

Dinosaur fans out there can literally walk with the dinosaurs during this pre-historic promo the ‘Dashing Dinosaur Giveaway’. From 25th January through to 31st January there will be a number of great dinosaur themed games at Bingo on the Box giving you the chance to win a total of £4375 in BBz!

There’s the 90 Ball bingo ‘Dino Game’ which pays out an extra £1 BBz when you win one line, gives 2 line winners an extra £2 BBz and Full House winners an extra £3 BBz prize!

In the 75 Ball bingo rooms you need to look out for the D-I-N-O patterns which will see you win extra special prizes when you bingo on one of them. One pattern will get you an extra £1 BBz prize, two separate patterns will see you win an extra £2 BBz prize and three or more patterns will get you an extra £3 BBz prize!

For exact times of these ‘Dashing Dinosaur’ bingo games you need to check the games schedule on the Bingo on the Box website.
We do however have a few interesting Dino facts for you….

” More than 700 different species of dinosaurs have been identified and given names
” The T-Rex looked the fiercest of the dinosaurs (you probably knew that!)
” Scientists aren’t sure what colour the dinosaurs were and some even believe they may have been as colourful as some birds we have toady
” The World’s oldest dinosaur is meant to have been found in Argentina, called the Herrarasauraus and aged at over 230 Million years old!

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