Bingo Playground Kitchen Mania

By Becky Mosley - October 13 2009

Every Wednesday at Bingo Playground there’s going to be some Whacky Wednesday Specials and this week there’s the Kitchen Appliance Deposit Bonus. Angela decided to make some Bingo Kitchen appliances but they met an untimely end and blew up so she’s asking your help to fix them.

All you need to do is deposit £20 or more and you’ll be given 150% Toaster deposit bonus and all deposits of £30 or more will get you 200% Kettle Bonus so by making deposits you will be fixing the broken kettles and toasters and solving Angela’s kitchen nightmare!

To claim your bonus simply submit a ticket quoting ‘Kitchen Appliance Bonus’ and for helping Angela fix her kitchen appliances you will be rewarded with your 150% to 200% bonus free!

That’s not all though if you deposit £50 or more and submit a ticket saying ‘I fixed Angela’s Toaster Bonus’ and you will be given a further £10 free as way of a thank you from Angela!

And if you thought it stopped there, you were wrong there’s even a Kitchen Mania Tournament between 9pm and 11pm also Wednesday 14th October in Bob’s 90 Ball Funded Room. You’ll have to pick a number between 1 and 90, each row of numbers is assigned a kitchen appliance and you have to correctly claim to win ‘a teaspoon’ the 3 players with the most teaspoons will win £20BBS, £10BBs and £5BBS.

There’s also a cool Whodunit competition to find out who sabotaged the kitchen appliances in the first place, see the Bingo Playground site for more info and email your answer to the first 3 correct guesses will win £10BBS each.

Bingo Playground have loads on so why not visit the site and get yourself in the kitchen for the chance to win great cash prizes and help Angela restore her appliances to their former glory.

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