Bingo Sky Doubles Winnings for Halloween

By Peter X - October 31 2010

This week between Monday the 25th and Sunday the 31st October, there is a howling Halloween special taking place at Bingo Sky. The slots and arcade games are firm favourites with fans and this tournament will see winners howling at the moon when they double their winnings on Halloween themed featured games. These include Frankie's Place, Mystery Manor, Monster House and Scary Night. If you are looking for fun this Halloween and you would like to play a few blood-chilling slots, these are the games to play. Double your fun, double your money and who said anything about tricks on this night, it’s all about treats for players at this site?

Sticking with the slots, arcade and casino games, as these are the games bingo players' love next to bingo and life itself, there is always a weekly tournament taking place at Bingo Sky. It starts on a Monday at one minute after midnight and ends on the following Sunday at one minute to midnight. This week on Sunday at one minute to midnight all manner of ghost, ghouls and fiendish things will be on the prowl. Stay indoors and be safely playing with Bingo Sky! Don't get caught tempting fate, play these games and get your aggregate winnings up. The worst that can happen is you will be turned into a pumpkin at midnight, but this is better than being bitten in the neck by a vampire and turned into the un-dead.

First place winners in this competition will win an amazing £250 Cash and 10,000 Loyalty Points. 2nd Place earns £150 Cash and 8,500 Loyalty Points, and so it goes, right down to 10th Place where the prize is £25 Credits plus 3,000 Loyalty Points. The games which are eligible for this tournament are: Video Slots, Slots, Blackjack, Video Poker, Tutti Frutti and JewelZ Arcade.

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