Bingo Sky introduces brand new Bingo Bonus

By Isobel X - November 25 2010

On Tuesday 16th November a new bingo bonus was introduced at Bingo Sky to replace the Cash Back Offer that was previously available at this bingo site. This is how they thank you for choosing their bingo site to play with, and pending cash backs all expired on the 15th November. Although I am not really sure what this meant for current members, we can be pretty sure that the site did not cause a riot and will have compensated them for any potential losses. Now, whenever members make a deposit at Bingo Sky, the free bingo bonus is deposited into their bonus account up front.

On Saturday the 27th November a super game plays at Bingo Sky, there is £1,000 guaranteed up for grabs for bingo tickets costing only 10p. This type of bingo game is the type of bargain all bingo players should be looking out for, with Christmas coming up fast. Make sure you don't miss it; write it in your diary, schedule it in your palm pilot, stick a Post-It on the fridge, but whatever you do, don't miss it. It is a super opportunity and you can pre-buy tickets which are available now.

An Arcade & Casino Tournament is a regular feature at Bingo Sky and we all love tournaments as well as slots and arcade games. Why do we like tournaments? Because as well as what you win on the games, you also win the title of star player. Every week they give away ten prizes of cash and loyalty points, with a first place prize of £250 Cash + 10,000 Loyalty Points, a 10th place prize of £25 Credits + 3,000 Loyalty Points, and lots of super cash, credits and loyalty points prizes in-between.

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