Brand new bingo site launches this week

By Dani Lee - January 7 2011

It’s a New Year and that can guarantee there’ll be new bingo sites cropping up and the first has already made an appearance. The people behind Ask Jeeves have presented us with Ask Bingo this week but will it be any good?

This bingo site offers players the chance to play bingo and win up to a gigantic £100,000! Ask Bingo will have real play and live play bingo games and rumour has it, the site was thought up after Ask Jeeves received so many questions about bingo.

Their Senior Production Manager, Rob Sheppard said: “we receive over 360,000 questions per day. This gives us an opportunity to see our customers’ interests. The launch of Ask Bingo is the first of many customer focussed products we are planning in 2011. The product is engaging, and easy to use, and joining their international network offers great benefits to our players".

You can play bingo games from just 10p which seems pretty reasonable but I wouldn’t have thought Ask Bingo would have much trouble attracting new punters when they can promote their new bingo site using Ask Jeeves who field thousands upon thousands of questions each day.

Ask Jeeves will run under GTECH2’s St Minver Network who also has Littlewoods Bingo and Chit Chat Bingo on their network.

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