Bingo News: Brits arrested in Turkey for playing Bingo

By Becky Mosley - December 23 2008

Six British people have been arrested for playing bingo at the Pyramid bar in Altinkum, a popular holiday spot in Turkey.

The British holidaymakers were found to be playing bingo on Friday night when Turkish police raided the bar. Each of the bingo players were allegedly held for several hours in police custody and were then fined £55 each. There were nine British people that were released without being charged by the police.

Playing bingo in Turkey is against the law and is looked upon as a form of gambling which is unregulated. The Daily Mail has reported that Police in Turkey had received complaints that the bar had been allowing people to gamble illegally on their premises. The Pyramid bar is most likely to remain closed for a period of time as a punishment to the bar owners for allowing gambling to take place.

The bingo event had been organised as a charity event by a British national who now resides in Altinkum. The police raid has angered regulars as money raised would have contributed towards the medical expenses of a local woman.

Pauline Ellington has lived in Altinkum for threee years and said “I hope I don’t get a criminal record for playing bingo. We have been hauled out of there as if we are common criminals.

It is disgusting as the night was for a good cause.”

This is not the first time that bingo players have been targeted by the police in Altinkum, last September seven British people were fined forplaying a game of bingo.