Cow Bingo the latest craze?

By Becky Mosley - May 3 2012

Researching bingo articles and bingo news items never fails to make me laugh, this time the story I have found is more close to my heart than usual as it features a lucky bingo player called Norma. Hmm nothing unusual here you may think…until you realise Norma is in fact an 8 year old cow!

I absolutely adore cows, I even have two of my own that are my pets, Florence and Clover,  they will be going nowhere for the rest of their days except the big field they live in next to my house. Yes I know you’re all thinking I’m mad!

So when I saw this story it really made me giggle, so although it’s not really related to the world of online bingo I couldn’t help but share it!

Norma lives at a farm in Chicago with her owner Bob Bleuer, she apparently has seven years bingo experience. It’s not bingo as we know it and as you can imagine, the event is a massive crowd pleaser in her home town Channahon. This Sunday she will be attending a Cow Pie Bingo fundraiser with proceeds of the event going to a worthy charity.

Volunteers at the event first have to fence of some of the church grounds where the event will be held and paint a minimum of 500 grids, the amount depending on the amount of tickets sold. Then Bob, Norma’s owner will walk her around the grid hoping that she will drop a ‘chip’ into one of the grids, this could take up to three hours! The owner of the grid square where the chip lands will win a $1000 prize, if Norma drops second and third chips this will determine the second prize of $500 and third of $300! Otherwise they will be chosen at random.

Just so you realise, a chip is a ahem….Cowpat hahaha!!

You have gotta love America! I’m sure we could learn a thing or two about fun from those guys, that said I’m sure in the UK there would be some health and safety issue that would prevent Cow Bingo taking place!

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