Cozy Games brand launches first ever TV campaign for Bobs Bingo

By Dani Lee - September 30 2012

Cozy Games doesn't normally advertise their bingo sites on TV but they have made an exception for Bobs Bingo, which has just debuted its first ever TV ad. The first screening of this commercial was aired at 2.58pm on Friday 28th September on ITV1.

There will be many screenings of the ad over the coming weeks so you're bound to see it at least once, we've included a link to it too so you can view it now if you're inpatient!

The 3o seconds commercial shows the animated character Bob of Bobs Bingo, strolling around showing off his free £15 no deposit bonus and impressive 750% welcome package. There's also talk of the chat rooms and the fact you can play Bobs Bingo on your mobile so there's a lot of info flying about in just half a minute.

Although not the flashiest of adverts, Bobs Bingo gets straight to the point giving potential players all the useful info they need instead of some elaborate storyline that has nothing to do with the site, we've seen some ads like that for rival bingo sites but we won't mention any names…

In conjunction with the new TV ad hitting our screens, Bobs Bingo is giving away a 40 inch Samsung Smart TV when you like the Bobs Bingo Facebook page. This seems like an amazingly generous prize for the half a millisecond it takes to click 'like' so this is something you may want to do, regardless of whether you've seen the advert or not.

We rather like Bobs Bingo anyway, there's always been great promotions and plenty of games to keep us busy and we expect there'll be lots more like-minded Bobs Bingo players if this TV campaign has anything to do with it!

See the TV ad here:

Bobs Bingo

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