Daily Express Bingo needs your help!

By Asin Agrawal - October 27 2010

Daily Express Bingo wants you to help them with the development of a new game and in return for your assistance they will give you a £10 bingo bonus! Obviously you need to be a registered member of the site, to claim your bonus money, but I would say this bonus alone would make joining worthwhile. They will also give you another bonus for making your first deposit. So register, make a deposit, complete the survey and you will be in the free bingo bucks. This means more chances to win than ever before – do it while you can!

They have made it pretty obvious that the new game is about cats and dogs and they want to know which you prefer. I like cats, but I’m really a dog person, how about you? They also want to know what breeds you like; and there are only three questions to answer for 10 bucks this is good money in anyone's books.

It is also Halloween month and this bingo site has been playing Halloween Games since the beginning of the month. You can still get in on the action till the end of October and there are three hours of non-stop £5,000 Full House – minimum £50 everyday. Play between 6 and 9pm, where else, but in the Halloween Room?! In this bingo room they are having even more fun with the game "Pick a Player" on Monday the 25th with tons of additional BB's as prizes.

A nice Halloween Arcade and Casino tournament started on Monday the 25th October too. You have to play Daily Express Bingo’s Halloween themed video slot game and this will get you your winnings doubled. These slots are fang-tastic fun and are Frankie's Place, Mystery Manor, Monster House and Scary Night. They couldn't offer much more incentive to play could they? And this tourney runs till the 31st October so make the most of it whilst you still can.

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