Daily Express Bingo – win guaranteed thousands for just 2p per ticket!

By Asin Agrawal - January 9 2011

Daily Express Bingo is part of the network which has its parent's site in Cyberbingo. Cyberbingo just happens to have been the first online bingo site to go live and although this was in the US, they are now well entrenched as a UK online bingo provider. Because Cyberbingo is celebrating its 15th Anniversary this year, the members of Daily Express Bingo also get to celebrate. Some of the celebrations taking place are in the form of bingo games and this means one of the best on offer is a guaranteed game for a £1,000 prize at only 2p a ticket!

While amounts like this are small-fry for big bingo sites, Daily Express and Cyberbingo are really breaking out the big guns! It is a 15th Anniversary and it plays on the 15th January too, so it won't be hard to forget – but write it down if you have to. Buy some tickets and try out your New Years' luck, you really have nothing to lose. What is 2p in the greater scheme of things, in particular if it could win you £1000?! Find it in the CyberBingo Classic Room at 11:00pm.

Members at Daily Express Bingo have already been trying out their New Year Luck in big coverall games which played on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. Where they have been advertising prizes of £2,011! They are also giving away special bonuses if you play on the 8th January which is this Saturday, in the £100 Deposit Blow-out. That's right, you deposit £100 and they give you £100 in return. Oh…and speaking of new, if you are a new member or planning to become a new member, remember this brand is aligned to one of the most popular newspapers in the UK, a name you can trust and what’s more they will give you a 300% first deposit bonus.

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