Do Your Bit for Charity at Bingo Giving

By Vicky Duncalf - January 17 2013

If only all sites could be as marvellous as Bingo Giving. In amongst the January line-up, you can win a celebrity makeover, claim big-money bingo voucher codes, win a coffee machine, and take part in loads of fixed jackpots. But, the real reason I love Giving so much is because they give to a different charity each month – this time, they are aiming to raise hundreds for Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research.

On to slightly lighter matters now – you could win a VIP Celebrity Makeover. The package includes a personal stylist, £250 in House of Fraser vouchers, plus a fashion makeover and photo shoot. With every £20 you deposit before January 26, you'll get one ticket to the draw. And best of all, it's a Swedish game, meaning five lines, and five winners. The shindig carries on late into the evening, with £100 fixed jackpots in the After Party Room. Alternatively, you can buy your 25P tickets right now.

Sign up to the most generous site around with a £20 free play bonus on your first deposit, then you can also Spin the Wheel and win anywhere up to £2500… with a bit of luck.

Bingo Giving
Bingo Giving – Play Now

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