Favourite Games at Titan Bingo

By Becky Mosley - March 16 2010

Titan Bingo is one of the latest new bingo sites and has a great selection of bingo games offering an exciting and varied experience to their players. The Barmy and Velvet Catch Me games require that you hit the jackpot as soon as poss. The sooner you catch it the bigger the prize! The number of balls to win increases making it easier to win. If no one wins the jackpot it will be added to the next session.

Jackpot Express will take players on a trip to jackpotland with over twenty speed jackpots played in just one hour. If no one wins the jackpot it is carried over to the next game and to make winning within reach the ball count is increased by 2 with every game.
The Crown Jewel is unique because it offers players not one jackpot but two. The first is the Royal Fortune jackpot which is more than £60,000 which is obtainable if you get a Full House within 35 bingo balls. If this jackpot isn’t won then it will be replaced with £250 and another guaranteed jackpot of £250 so even if you don’t win the big prize there is still £500 to play for.

Dream Maker could make all of your dreams come true if you win their huge £28,000 prize. The first player to get the pattern in 45 balls or less will win the big prize and there is a minimum of £100 on offer too even if you don’t scoop the big one.

The Barmy Big One offers players the chance to win £100 every single day. But that is not all, there is a whopping £3500 jackpot to be won too so this is definitely one to watch!
There is a nice little selection to keep you busy there so why not head to Titan Bingo and try some of their recommended games and see what you think.

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