Foxy supports Breast Cancer Campaign this October

By Dani Lee - October 5 2010

Foxy Bingo will be supporting Breast Cancer Campaign this month as they previously did last year. Foxy Bingo actually raised an impressive £13,739 for this worthy cause and with your help they could smash that this month.
From Monday’s £1000 pre-purchase game Foxy will donate 1p from every 10p bingo card that was bought so players got the chance to win £1000 for just 10p and while also getting to support BCC.
Also when you see the Pink Ribbon Pattern make sure you stock up on loads of bingo cards as 20% of all cards sold will be given to the Breast Cancer Campaign.
Foxy Bingo will also be rewarding all Foxy Bingo players who are doing anything for Breast Cancer Campaign by donating £20 to the charity so if you’re doing some sort of sponsored event or anything at all that helps this cause make sure you let Foxy know!
Here is how Breast Cancer Campaign spends the money given to them:
• £1 will buy 20 pairs of gloves for a Breast Cancer Campaign researcher to protect their hands while carrying out laboratory tests.
• £10 provides a day's worth of laboratory chemicals for a Breast Cancer Campaign researcher to use in experiments into possible cures for breast cancer.
• £20 will buy 500 test tubes so that a Breast Cancer Researcher can carry out laboratory work.
• £50 will provide a week's worth of tissue culture to grow cells used in experiments funded by Breast Cancer Campaign.
• £100 could pay for two pairs of cryogenic gloves, worn when retrieving very cold samples from a freezer or a liquid nitrogen storage tank.
• £500 will buy 30 laboratory coats to protect researchers from dangerous chemicals during experiments.
• £1,000 provides basic equipment that a Breast Cancer Campaign researcher needs to carry out experiments.
• £5,000 will pay a talented PhD student for 4 months, so they can take the vital first steps in their breast cancer research career.
• £10,000 will cover the entire cost of all the laboratory chemicals needed for experiments during a five year scientific fellowship grant, which could lead to a new test to make genetic testing for breast cancer mutations more effective.


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