Fred lookalike wanted at Betfred Bingo!

By Becky Mosley - November 12 2009

Betfred Bingoare on the lookout for a Fred lookalike and need your help! Visit their site and have a look at Fred and if you think you know someone who looks like him you could be rewarded with £1000!

Send your photos into Bedfred Bingo [email protected] and they will then be loaded onto the Fred Gallery for all to see. Your photo can be of anyone you know as long as they have some resemblance to Fred so if you have an Uncle, Partner, Dad, Brother, Boss or even Neighbour that fits the bill get a snap and send it in quick!

The winning Fred lookalike will be decided on 28th February 2010 giving you a fair amount of time to track down a Fred lookalike if you don’t have one already! The Winner will be invited to meet the real Fred where he will present them with their £1000 cheque and pose for a pic or two for publicity.

It all sounds like good fun so if you know anyone who looks like Betfred’s Fred get your camera out and get snapping and you could win £1000!

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