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By Vicky Duncalf - July 18 2013

Free bingo no deposit at Red Bus Bingo

Journeys are always so much more fun with friends, which is why the team games at Red Bus Bingo are so much fun. Usually when you play these kind of games, you need to choose your own teammates, but not at Red Bus – they randomly place you with a new team every two weeks. This gives you plenty more chances to make new friends, and also a fairer chance of mixing with a winning team. At the end of the two week period, the team that qualifies first splits an impressive 65,000 loyalty points.


Spend a penny to win big

Penny games are also very popular at this bingo site – especially the £50 Spend a Penny, which plays daily at 9:15 PM. As you can imagine, cards cost 1p, with a nifty £50 for the taking.


Pics for a penny

It costs a fortune to go out and see a film, so why not stay in and enjoy Pics for a Penny? Every Wednesday at 9:30 PM, Red Bus turn the lights down, and give you the opportunity to win £30 for 1p. And if you get lucky here, you could treat yourself to a couple of cinema tickets – what film would you go and see?


Big Ben is chiming

Possibly the biggest game on the schedule is the £1 million Big Ben Bonanza each Friday at 9:30 PM. This has a new higher jackpot of £1000 guaranteed, but if you manage to call a full house in 40 calls or less, the top prize of £1 million will be landing in your account.


Riders get free scratchcard

Sign at Red Bus now, and you'll get a free scratchcard, where you could win up to 2000% of your initial deposit.


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