Free Bingo Vs Facebook Bingo Games

By Matt Kennedy - April 23 2012

So often I see complaints about not being able to withdraw winnings after wagering the free bingo money offered by a bingo site and it got me thinking. Is this really that much different to when you play bingo on Facebook?

Facebook apps now allow you to play bingo for virtual awards and credits which can also be purchased with the Facebook Credit system. This money can never be withdrawn no matter how many times you win but you are rewarded with the prestige of being the top of a leaderboard of friends or having more awards than other members.

Bingo websites using Cozy Games software offer what is known as BB’s which stands for Bingo Bucks which is a kind-of virtual currency, you are required to wager quite a considerable amount before you can withdraw anything and some cash usually has to be spent (which can vary depending on the site you choose). I think more often than not the players’ complaint is more about transparency and expectations. When someone goes to a website to play bingo they are expecting to withdraw their winnings because of the sites lack of transparency. When buying Facebook credits players know they won’t see any profit from their deposit therefore their expectations are met and it avoids disappointment.

The Facebook model clearly works and players are obviously happy as not too long ago Zynga floated on the stock market (ZNGA) after being valued in the billions. It will only be a matter of time before many bingo sites start to launch a Facebook version of their bingo games.

It’s not a secret that Google makes a substantial chunk of it’s revenues from Gambling ads and Facebook only recently decided that they would allow Gambling ads in countries where gambling was legal. It may only be a matter of time before Facebook allow gambling apps where players can win real money. Personally I think moving towards the Facebook model will be a good thing as the game will become more social and will allow me to compete with friends and it will also more in-line with everyones expectations.

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