Free Lottery Lines up for grabs at Rollover Bingo

By Peter X - August 2 2011

Rollover Bingo is the first bingo site in the UK to offer their players free National Lottery lines when they play at their bingo site. When you sign up you get a free £20 bonus when you deposit £20 yourself and there's also 20 free Lottery lines for the next Lottery draw after you've signed up.

Bingo players receive one free Lottery line for every £5 they wager on bingo games so if you spend £25 on bingo cards, you'll get 5 free lines in the next Lottery draw which are held on a Wednesday and Saturday. Lines are awarded after 24 hours so if you qualify on the day of a draw, you will receive your free lines for the next draw not the one playing that night.

Although Rollover Bingo offers slots and instant games, these games do not count towards your free line allocation so you will only be awarded lines on your bingo card purchases and these are capped at 30 lines per day.

The free National Lottery lines given away by this bingo site are syndicated lines which means if you win, the win is shared between all members of the syndicate. If 3 balls are matched the win is usually £10 so Rollover pays out £10 in bingo points, if 4 balls are matched there is normally a prize of £62 so £62 in points is paid out and if 5 balls are matched the prize is around £1500 which will be shared between the syndicate and paid in cheque. Obviously, prizes vary as the tickets sales and number of winners plays a part in determining the prize so these figures are just a guide.

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