Gala Bingo reveals the secrets to good fortune in 2010

By Becky Mosley - January 21 2010

Gala Bingo have been doing a little research and have uncovered some interesting luck related facts! Brits will be making their own luck in 2010 with a huge 91% hoping they are luckier this year than they were back in 2009.

Gala Bingo also found that 84% of us will be using the power of thought or PMA or Positive Mental Attitude to you and I, to make 2010 their lucky year.

Gala, who pay out more than £65 Million in bingo prizes every month, undertook this poll to explore our lucky habits and how we were planning on being even luckier in 2010.

Northern Island, the South West and East Anglia were discovered to be the most positive regions on the UK and the over 50’s age group appear to be more confident about their luck with above average results for positive attitude and positive thinking.

Regardless of how much ‘thinking ourselves lucky’ we do, we’re still a very superstitious bunch believing in lucky charms such as underpants and four leaf clovers!

Gala’s Top 10 Lucky Charms;

1. Lucky Person
2. Charm received from someone you love
3. Lucky Number
4. Jewellery
5. Lucky Penny
6. Lucky Underpants
7. Four Leaf Clovers
8. Lucky Socks
9. Horse Shoe
10. Rabbit’s Foot

We’re also guilty of still believing those old wives tales like touching wood and wishing on lucky stars in the hope that 2010 will be a lucky year. Surprisingly, 1 in 10 people asked said they would be happy to have bird droppings fall on them if it brought them luck, yuk!

What you believe brings you luck:

1. Touching wood
2. Finding a penny
3. Seeing a shooting star
4. Wishing on a turkey wishbone
5. Throwing salt over your shoulder
6. Saluting a magpie
7. Wishing on a loose eyelash
8. Seeing a black cat
9. Bird droppings falling on us
10. Catching dandelion seeds on the breeze

The ‘luck of the Irish’ seems to be more than just a hearsay as it was Northern Ireland that topped the luckiest people poll followed closely by cheeky cockneys which might not surprise too many people!

Luckiest People;

1. Northern Irish
2. Cockneys
3. South Coast of England
4. Scottish
5. Geordies

Felix Economakis a BBC3 psychologist said; “With 84 per cent of us already thinking positive this year, we’re on to a winning formula. Although we’re a superstitious lot, there is no real mystery to ‘thinking yourself lucky’ in 2010. A luckier life is achievable for us all. Having a positive mind set will enables us to keep an open mind. Grabbing opportunities as they arise, keeps us looking on the bright side when bad things do happen. We need to get better looking at what’s right and what’s good in our lives, rather than focusing on what’s missing or what’s wrong. If we look for bad luck then we will always find it!”

Being luckier all year = PMA + (365 X -N) + (52 X R) + (12 X +N)

PMA – try to be more positive in your day to day life and less negative to small everyday occurrences -N

R take time out to reflect on your week. Make it a resolution to find 15 minutes each day to simply stop and think over the last few days. Ideas and memories will pop into your mind and will encourage more chances and luck your way.

+N once a month make a concerted effort to try new things and look at new places even if it’s just trying a new shop for your groceries. Accept the next unexpected offer or invite neighbours you don’t know to come over and get to know each other. You never know what’s waiting round the corner!

Lesley Hall, PR Manager at Gala Bingo online said; “Working with Felix and developing the ultimate winning formula has been fascinating. We hope 2010 will be a winning year for all of our players!”

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