Gala Bingo Sharon Osbourne hits out at Paris Hilton

By Becky Mosley - August 5 2008

Gala Bingo’s Sharon Osbourne has said that Paris Hilton is talentless.

”She has no talent, I’m sure Paris would tell you that herself.” Online bingo fan Sharon told Parade ”She’s got a look that that a lot of younger girls liked and copied. The timing was right for her. A lot of women looked up to her.”

Sharon added ”She’s very sweet, nice girl, but that’s it. But then you put a full stop. It’s over. So I’d say Paris is infamous.”

Paris Hilton, millionaire heiress, is planning a dance album, her second. She is writing with her boyfriend from the band Good Charlotte, Benji Madden.

Gala Bingo
Gala Bingo

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