Game of Thrones Bingo Game

By Ben Barker - April 19 2016


There are plenty of ways to enjoy the premiere of Game of Thrones this month, one of them is playing a game of Game of Thrones Bingo.


You can go ahead and create your own bingo cards or print off blank cards and fill in each square with one of the rules below. Whenever you see, or hear any of the below, mark it off your card. You could even have Game of Thrones inspired prizes for a row and a full house.


  1. Someone dies
  2. Dragon sighting
  3. Someone refers to Tyrion’s height
  4. Female nudity
  5. The words ‘iron throne is mentioned
  6. A White Walker appears
  7. Varys rolls his eyes
  8. A dead character appears
  9. Sansa looks scared
  10. Someone drinks wine
  11. Someone says the word ‘Khaleesi’
  12. A key character dies
  13. Someone mentions the name of a rival house
  14. Someone says ‘Valar Morghulis’
  15. A character presumed dead turns out to be alive
  16. Melisandre takes her clothes off
  17. Someone says ‘Winter is Coming’
  18. Sword fight
  19. Hodor
  20. Jamie and Cersai kiss
  21. Jon Snow’s wolf, Ghost appears
  22. The night is dark and full of terrors
  23. Someone underestimates Daenerys
  24. Someone vows for revenge
  25. Male nudity
  26. Someone says ‘the night is dark and full of terrors’
  27. Arya recites her ‘list’
  28. You see the hall of faces
  29. You see the iron throne
  30. More than two characters die
  31. Bran has a vision
  32. The three eyed raven is mentioned
  33. Cersai drinks wine
  34. Jaqen H’ghar
  35. Sansa asks about her brothers
  36. Daenerys asks about her dragon(s)
  37. Jon Snow is not dead
  38. Jon Snow is dead
  39. Someone speaks in Dothraki
  40. Jorah hides his illness
  41. Jamie takes off his hand
  42. Someone mentions how incompetent the king Tommen is
  43. A dragon breaths fire
  44. Daenerys overthrows her captor
  45. Someone mentions the fact that Varys is a eunuch


If you’re excited about Game of Thrones and want to celebrate the premiere in style, invite your friends round, grab your bingo dotter and celebrate in style.

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