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By Dani Lee - September 8 2010

Bingolore the exotic online bingo site has a new promotion called Top of the Shop which will play between Monday 6th and Sunday 12th September. This is a really simple promo where all players who bingo on the number 90 in Room 2 get a 90% bonus prize on their next deposit. So if you’re lucky enough to win and then go on to deposit say £100, you’ll get an extra £90 on top!
The Clover Rollover now sits at over £3 Million which is pretty amazing. You could become Bingolore’s first millionaire if you scoop this humungous jackpot. It’s sat there just waiting to be won by one lucky player so play the Clover Rollover this week and it could be you!
The Cash Galore Jackpot is not quite as impressive as the Clover Rollover Jackpot but is still a biggie at over £125K! This Progressive Jackpot will keep on growing until one lucky player wins it so buy a ticket or two and your luck could be in.
Instead of a Piggy Bank Bingolore has Tiggy Bank which holds £1000 inside which can be won in their special Tiggy bank games.
If you’ve never ventured over to Bingolore you should pay them a visit today and experience the site which is aimed at the Asian community but has mass appeal to anyone who enjoys bingo. You’ll get a £1 free bingo no deposit bonus to try out the games on site before you commit to a deposit so you have nothing to lose by trying them out! If you go on deposit you will get a free £25 on your first deposit of £10.

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