Golden Hat Bingo £20,000 Guaranteed Jackpot Tonight

By Becky Mosley - December 27 2009

Don’t miss out on the whopping £20,000 Guaranteed Linx Jackpot tonight at Golden Hat Bingo, you can pre-buy tickets too if you will be busy!

The money would come in very handy especially at this time of year, there are so many things you could do with the cash! You could indulge on an expensive holiday to somewhere lovely and hot to get away from the freezing weather here, buy a new car, build an extension on your house or be sensible and put it away for a rainy day! The list is endless but I’m sure that you can think of a few ways of spending it anyway!

Golden Hat Bingo will be giving away a massive jackpot tonight at 10:30 worth £20,000 and it has to be won! The bingo game begins at 10:30pm so don’t be late, if you are out and about then buy some pre-buy tickets in advance of the game so you still have a chance of winning that huge jackpot. Tickets for the game are a reasonable 50p each so it’s well worth purchasing a few, good luck guys!

Golden Hat Bingo (NEW)
Golden Hat Bingo (NEW) – Play Now

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