Infographic: The Best Things About Online Bingo

By Ben Barker - March 31 2016

With the advent of online gambling, many slot gamers have moved to online casinos. The reasons are clear; the technology is improving, the games are fun and they don’t need to travel all the way to a traditional casino to play.


The same shift is occurring with online bingo, in a big way. Not only are some traditional bingo players moving online, but new players are joining all the time. The convenience of staying at home is hard to beat – it saves money and time, and thanks to bingo chat rooms, the camaraderie is still there. Online bingo offers great game variety, with most sites featuring 75 ball through to 90 ball and special features that aren’t available offline, like animated bonus rounds and celebrity caller voices. For those with mobility problems, online bingo is life changing.


All of this coupled with chat room games, promotional giveaways and the comfort of being at home, online bingo is set to continue to grow in popularity. The last remaining concerns of online security have also faded, thanks to the encryption of user details and the establishment of clear governmental guidelines and licences.
Thanks to feature-packed sites, game variety and convenient 24/7 access, online bingo is here to stay!


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