It’s Year of the Tiger in 2010 at Bingolore

By Becky Mosley - February 17 2010

We hadn’t heard of the year of the tiger until Tingo the Tiger the mascot from Bingolore, told us and we thought you guys might be interested to know a bit more…

The sign of the Tiger is thought to be linked to money and good luck so if you’re lacking in either why not pay a visit to Bingolore and see if Tingo’s good vibes pass on to you.

There could be change for everyone in 2010 too as the year of the Tiger sees big things happening both quickly and dramatically so keep your eyes and ears open as blink and you might miss out on an opportunity that might change your whole life. It’s also the year to be active and seize new opportunities so if you’ve already given up on your new healthy lifestyle following the overindulgence at Christmas get motivated and do something! Travel and change are both important during 2010 and there will be change for everyone, so remember where you read this when something fantastic happens to you this year!

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