Jackpot Joy launches a new advert to entice in bingo players

By Asin Agrawal - October 25 2012

Jackpot Joy Bingo are well known for the television adverts in the United Kingdom, particularly on ITV. It can hardly have escaped any gambling Briton’s attention that in-between their favourite shows, particularly soap operas and women’s daytime television programs, there has been a sudden influx of bingo related advertisements over the last two years. Now Jackpot Joy has added one more to the list, and it is the most talked about bingo advertisement yet.

Barbara Windsor, more familiar as Eastender’s Queen Vic pub landlady Peggy Mitchell, or “babs” is back on your screens this month in Jackpot Joy’s latest advertisement offering, but only in cameo form. Old Barbara had made a name for herself over the last few years as the face of online bingo in the United Kingdom, and specifically at Jackpot Joy, however her brief appearances (which have been unexplained), are dominated by lengthier ones from by a talented cellist.

Playing Bach’s Toccata and Fugue in D Minor, the cellist is locked in a competition, when an erratic looking character decides to bang out the same tune using nothing but children’s toys, much to annoyance of the cellist. Just what exactly this new advertisement has to do with bingo remains to be seen, but if you have missed the advertisement thus far, or live abroad and are unable to view it, it can be viewed on You Tube and other sites.

As with Paddy Power and other online bingo sites of late, the range of eccentricity of the latest bingo adverts seems to getting higher and higher, and ultimately more and more zany. Just what the online bingo community will make of this latest Jackpot Joy marketing campaign, and whether it will draw in a new crowd of online bingo players is debatable, but the advert for Jackpot Joy Bingo is funny nonetheless.

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