Join the Monthly Wrap Party at Big Brother Bingo

By Becky Mosley - June 23 2013


Party time with Big Brother

Here's an exclusive bingo offer from the housemates at Big Brother Bingo – get your gladrags on for the Monthly Wrap Party. This takes place on the last day of every month in the Diary Room, with games every 15 minutes from 7 PM. This is a fun way to meet your fellow inmates, and to win bonus funds for just 1p. My favourite game takes place at 8:30 PM, where I can win £25 for a penny.


Get your hands on the Secret Stash

As you know when ever you watch the TV version of Big Brother, there is lots of deceit. And that's why you need to be sneaky-sneaky to get your hands on the Secret Stash of £500. Cover your card in 48 calls or less, and you'll win top prize of £500. Alternatively, call a full house in 56 calls to win a minimum of £30. These games play each Tuesday at 15 minutes past and 45 minutes past the hour between 7 PM and 11 PM. Slip into the Hot Tub for some steamy fun.


Race the snails

Big Brother Bingo is entertaining for many reasons, and the Side Bets feature is certainly a hit. Take a chance, and bet from 20p – with games like Snail Races, and Bet the Balls, this is the perfect way to earn extra cash for a tiny investment.

Make mates and win points

It's all about making friends in the Big Brother house – feel the benefits of friendship and team up with your fellow housemates to earn points. This is a team tournament that lasts for a fortnight – the top 20 teams will share 33,000 joy points. All you need to do is click the Join Now button and you'll be automatically assigned into a team. Big Brother has a free £20 bonus waiting for you, so pack your suitcase, and head for that famous house.

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