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By Becky Mosley - December 30 2009

Little Big Bingo offers fantastic value for bingo players every day of the week, have a nosy at the weekend offers and the guaranteed Friday night £1,000 jackpot!

You can pre-buy your bingo cards now if you want to have a stab at winning the £1,000 guaranteed jackpot that will be taking place on Friday night at 9:00pm. Cards are great value at just 1p each!!

Lucky Penny bingo games run throughout the day every 2 hours, the cards for the games are just 1p each as the game name suggest and the jackpots vary between £20 and £50. You do have to remember though to play these games you must purchase a minimum of 10 cards, so that’s still just a total of a 10p stake, superb value!

Pennies From Heaven are another set of 1p bingo games that run every 2 hours from midday, jackpots are between £20 and £50 with minimum card purchase being 10.

Tuppence Treats are a range of 2p bingo games, these ones start at 3:30pm and begin at a guaranteed amount of £30 and there is even a £100 game at 9:30pm. Tasty Twos again are bingo games that are 2p a card, these games begin at 4:30pm with jackpots of between £30 and £100. Both sets of these games also require a minimum purchase of 10 cards making the stake a reasonable 20p.

You money goes a long way when you play bingo, you even get £20 free when you spend just £10! You do not need to be a big spender to be a member of Little Big Bingo!

Little Big Bingo (NEW)
Little Big Bingo (NEW) – Play Now

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