Moon Bingo pays you to play bingo!

By Dani Lee - November 14 2010

Would you like to get paid for playing your favourite bingo games? Of course you would, so why not head to Moon Bingo who has just launched their ‘Get Paid in Payday Bingo’ offer.
Players can win a giant monthly salary up to £10,000 with a huge £2000 guaranteed in Payday Bingo which takes place on the last Friday of every month. The game kicks off at 10pm and tickets cost just 30p each!

In addition to paying their online bingo players to play bingo Moon Bingo also offer a Treasure Trove game where you can win£100 guaranteed prize and there’s an opportunity to win an extra £100 bringing the jackpot to £200 which isn’t too bad when tickets cost just 10p!

Is your PC looking a bit old and haggard and not giving you the best online bingo experience possible? If so you could try playing ‘The Prize is Right’ where there’s a laptop up for grabs each and every week. Tickets are just 5p for these bingo games which play every Tue4sday at 8.30pm, prizes include DVDs, digital cameras and 20 inch flat screen TVs.

If you’re not a Moon Bingo member but fancy digging up some treasure or getting paid to play your beloved bingo why not join today? New members get £5 free no deposit bonus when they join followed by a 300% welcome bonus up to £30 so that’s a free £35 to start you off which is pretty good going.

Moon Bingo - Limited Offer
Moon Bingo – Limited Offer – Play Now

Moon Bingo

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