Moon Bingo Super Millionaire Jackpot

By Becky Mosley - November 11 2009

Moon Bingo have outdone themselves and are offering the chance to win the biggest jackpot in online bingo history. The £10,000,000 Coverall Jackpot is within your reach for the price of £1 bingo ticket and you can pre-buy your tickets in the month leading up to the game so stock up now! There’s also a guranteed jackpot of £1500 so no winner will be left dissappointed!

You will find the 10M Super Millionaire Jackpot in the ‘Win Big Tab’ and the games runs November 30th at 9pm so amke a date in your diary as you don’t want to miss this amazing bingo game!

Even if you don’t win the big prize there are other jackpots if the big prize isn’t won if you bingo in 33 calls you’ll scoop £2,5000,000, if you bingo in 34 to 37 calls you’ll take home £1,000,000, even if you bingo between 38 and 45 calls you’ll still pick up a cool £100,000! So make sure you pre-buy your tickets and don’t miss the chance to becoem a big winer with Moon Bingo!

Moon Bingo (NEW)
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Moon Bingo

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