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By Dani Lee - November 10 2010

Mecca Bingo’s Mecca Moments daily £10,000 jackpot has provided more than a few player stories so we thought you might like to hear some of them and see what you could be enjoying if you play at the Mecca Bingo site.

XRAGS_2_RICHESX from Liverpool said she could feel her heart pounding in her throat as she waited for her last number to be called. She said she was willing the number 48 to come out and it did making her instantly £10K richer and she now recommends the Mecca Bingo site to all of her friends.

Littldud from the West Midlands was at home with her husband watching the football thinking her numbers would never come up when they did. She initially thought she’s won £1000 so was overjoyed when she realised she had actually scooped £10K! She’s yet to decide what to spend her money on though she would be planning a fantastic Christmas and maybe a holiday in the New Year.

The Daily £10,000 promotion has just finished so you won’t be able to take part in these games anymore though there’s sti8ll plenty of reasons to play bingo at Mecca.
New Breakfast Bingo takes place daily between 7am and 9am and gives you the chance to win £20 jackpots for just 15p per ticket. There are also double chat game prizes of £5 played twice each hour.

Every night from 9pm you can play for big bucks in Dancing Queen and Two Little Ducks with 10 x £500 jackpots for 2 whole hours! Tickets for these bingo games cost just 25p and you could win £500 right in time for the ever expensive festive season!

The Clover Rollover jackpot is now over £3 Million if you fancy your chances why not have a go at this game? There’s also the Share the Wealth offer which runs in line with this game and gives all players who have staked £1 on the game the day the jackpot is won, a share of £10K!

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