New Bingo Site Bingo Hollywood Finally Goes Live, Play Free Bingo Win Real Cash!

By Becky Mosley - April 19 2010

Last month we told you about the up and coming launch of an all new online bingo site, Bingo Hollywood and now we’re pleased to announce, it’s finally gone live. After much speculation as to when the site would actually open it’s doors and what it would be like, the big day has finally come and the Bingo Hollywood site is every bit as great as we had hoped!

The site is based upon all things Hollywood so you can expect cinema tickets, film reels, popcorn, if it’s anything to do with films it’ll be there!

Bingo Hollywood is not part of a bingo network which has it’s merits including not so many bingo players giving you guys better chances of winning. One of the down sides to being a standalone site is that the bingo jackpot can take a while to rise but it’s very early days and the site can only get busier and better as time goes on and think of all the free bingo games that you can play with no deposit required! You can withdraw the cash you win at the site too, somaking a trip to Bingo Hollywood is well worth it.

Take advantage of the exciting opening offer of 300% first deposit bonus up to £150 so if you spend £10 you’ll get £30 completely free! If you deposit again at the site you can expect to recive another 75% deposit bonus, that’s 25% higher than most other bingo sites!

There’s more treats in store for some lucky new members too as Bingo Hollywood have some exclusive goodies bags and branded goods up for grabs so sign up today for your chance to get your mitts on those!

Bingo Hollywood (NEW)
Bingo Hollywood (NEW) – Play Now

Bingo Hollywood

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