OK Mag Bingo’s new promotions for April

By Becky Mosley - April 8 2010

Ok Mag Bingo have a fantastic £1000 Guaranteed Game which is set to take place on Saturday 10th April. The game will be held in the Celeb Room and kicks off at 10.30pm, don’t worry if you can’t make it, you can pre-buy your tickets now so make sure you stock up.

April 1st saw the start of the Spring Bingo Championship which will run until 30th April. The grand prize for this Bingo Championship is a whole month of free bingo and who wouldn’t want to win that? The value of the top prize is £500 with a second prize of a fabulous two weeks free bingo up to £300 and a third prize of one week of free bingo up to £150!

Every week Ok Mag Bingo run their Arcade and Casino Tournament which will offer cash credits and points to the top ten players with the most winnings. So not only do you get to keep your winnings but you also get a prize if you’re among the top winning players. All you need to do is play your favourite arcade and casino games and sit back and see if you’re one of the weekly Tournament winners, easy!
Fridays and Sundays between 9pm and Midnight players are invited to take part in the Famous Must Play Sessions. Visit the Classic Room on Friday, Sunday or both days for the chance to win big in these £100 Free games which have guaranteed £50 prizes and starting £100 games. Now you know why they call them ‘Must Play’ games!

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